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Illumina COVIDSeq ™ Assay (96 samples)

Certificate: ROU 

Supplier: Illumina 

For Mid and Low-throughput laboratories performing COVID-19 surveillance and identification of new variants


MiniSeq . New Generation Genome Sequencing System

Model: MiniSeq
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
– New generation DNA sequencing system using synthetic sequencing technology: Sequencing by Synthesis – SBS
– Next Generation Sequencing, allowing to run the entire DNA and RNA amplification process combined with sequencing analysis on a single system
– Maximum reading capacity: 7.5 Gb (equivalent to 7.5 billion bases) within 24 hours
– Data Quality (Quality Score) > Q30 (accuracy 99.9%)


New generation sequencing system NovaSeq 6000

Model: NovaSeq 6000
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
– Scalable platform
Match data output, time to results, and price per sample to study needs
– Flexible performance
Configure sequencing method, flow cell type, and read length to support a broad range of applications
– Streamlined operation
Increase lab efficiency with a simplified workflow and reduced hands-on time


Next Generation Sequencing System – iSeq 100

Model: iSeq 100
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
Illumina’s smallest next-generation DNA sequencing system, with small, fast and efficient sequencing throughput, suitable for all labs
– Fast data generation: Suitable for small projects, on a dedicated device, low throughput with fast turnaround times
– Convenient operation: Control the sequencing process from start to finish and ensure independent sequencing instead of outsourcing.


Next-Generation Sequencing System – MiSeq

Model: MiSeq
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
– The MiSeq System combines cluster generation, amplification, sequencing and data analysis on a single system
– The system is most widely used, with next-generation sequencing technology –  Sequencing by Synthesis – SBS


Next-Generation Sequencing System – NextSeq 2000

 The NextSeq 2000 Sequencing System uses patterned flow cells similar to those that power the NovaSeq™ 6000 System. The result is a highly flexible and scalable benchtop system that offers the highest cluster density flow cell of any on-market NGS system to date, driving down the cost per gigabase (Gb) of the sequencing run.


NextSeq 550 – next generation gene sequencing system

Model: Nextseq 550
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
– Is the only sequencing system capable of deploying applications running sequencing and reading microarray biochips
– New generation DNA sequencing system using synthetic sequencing technology: Sequencing by Synthesis – SBS
– The whole process of gene sequencing is conducted on the surface of flow cells, convenient to use and easy to manipulate.


TruSight Cancer Sequencing Panel

Developed with cancer genomics experts in collaboration, oligos ready-to-use, pre-engineered oligos allow researchers to sequence a wide range of genes and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in advance. this is related to cancer predisposition


TruSight Tumor 26

TruSight Tumor 26 Kit include reagents to prepare for Library preparation samples, sequencing 26 genes relating to solid cancer, variant of  soma in NGS – Next Generation Sequencing of Illumina