We are

Biomedic found on September 29th 2008 is the company specializing in genetic testing, DNA testing, molecular biology in diagnosis. In May 2012 it was renamed to Biomedic Science Materials Joint Stock Company (BIOMEDIC., JSC).

More than decade of establishment and development, Biomedic is proud to be one of the leading enterprises in the field of biotechnology Biomedic supplies the complete systems and solutions for analysis fields in testing, diagnosis and screening of cancer, genetic diseases, reproductive health support, gene sequencing, criminal science
Currently, Biomedic is the authorized distributor in Vietnam of many famous brands in the world such as: Illumina (USA), Beckman Coulter Life Science (USA), Panagene (Korea), Zymo Research (USA), GeneProof (Czech Republic), Projectina (Switzerland),… Biomedic was certified ISO 13485 by UKAS Organization (United Kingdom) about fields of medical testing devices and biotechnology. With experienced experts being scientists, doctors, master of genetics, molecular biology, analytical chemisty and the technical teams, we commit to supplying, installing integrated equipment along with training programs, transfering technology to use up those ones effectively.

To become the top distributor in Vietnam providing molecular biology solution


To become the leading business in providing solutions for assay and forensic technology.


To create a happy and healthy life for the Vietnamese community.

Core values


Biomedic’s DNA has non-stop creativity for advanced scientific technology improvement and application in order to raise the quality and standards of our services. Biomedic values learning and rising above oneself to ground our leading position in technology solutions.


Discipline is team power at Biomedic. Biomedic members are responsible with work, colleagues, leaders, customers and community.


Biomedic treasures its members and will always improves our welfare policies to the maximum capability our staff. Caring, fairness and prohibiting apathy is how Biomedic represents our core values.

Business fields

Microbial infectious PCR kits for diagnotic testing with IVD certificate (Invitro Diagnostic – CE IVD) (HBV, HCV, CMV,HSV, …) DNA/RNA extraction kits used in medical field.
Automated Microbial Detection System – Versa TREK Next Generation Sequencing System, High resolution HLA analysis, whole – genome sequencing, cancer diagnostics.
DNA Microarray System along with IVD standard for PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) and PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) in embryos screening for Invitro fertilization (IVF)
Real time PCR system with high resolution – HRM, PCR system with gradient function
DNA/RNA extraction system, Automated PCR preparation system in laboratory. Automated genome sequencing system and kits for STR DNA analysis (300 locus gene) and mtDNA analysis for Forensic Science and STR DNA analysis kit – 300 locus gene and mtDNA in forensic science
Extraction and analysis kits for genetic diseases, cancer, Non invassive prenatal test – NIPT
Analytical Liquid Chromatography system and chromatogram database for drug inspection in Forensic Science
Basic equipment in molecular biology laboratory as: biological safety cabinets, PCR manipulating chamber, centrifuge, pipette,…