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NovaSeq X also significantly reduces waste and environmental impact, reflecting Illumina’s commitment to using its technology to support the health of people and the planet. NovaSeq X features a 90% reduction in packaging waste and weight and 50% reduction in plastic usage compared to NovaSeq 6000.



Using revolutionary new technology, NovaSeq X Plus can generate more than 20,000 whole genomes per year – 2.5 times the throughput of prior sequencers – greatly accelerating genomic discovery and clinical insights, to understand disease and ultimately transform patient lives.


Flow Cell Type 1.5B 10B 25B
2 × 50 bp ~165 Gb ~1 Tb N/A
2 × 100 bp ~330 Gb ~2 Tb N/A
2 × 150 bp ~500 Gb ~3 Tb ~8 Tb
Human Genomes per Flow Cell ~4 ~24 ~64
Exomes per Flow Cell ~41 ~250 ~750
Transcriptomes per Flow Cell ~30 ~200 ~520
Single-end Reads 1.6 billion 10 billion 26 billion
Paired-end Reads 3.2 billion 20 billion 52 billion
Quality Scores
2 × 50 bp ≥ 90% of bases higher than Q30
2 × 100 bp ≥ 85% of bases higher than Q30
2 × 150 bp ≥ 85% of bases higher than Q30
Run Time
2 × 50 bp ~13 hr ~18 hr N/A
2 × 100 bp ~18 hr ~22 hr N/A
2 × 150 bp ~21 hr ~24 hr ~48 hr


Instrument Specifications


  • Wavelengths: 532 nm, 457 nm, 655 nm


  • W × D × H: 86.4 cm (34 in) × 93.3 cm (36.7 in) × 158.8 cm (62.5 in) with monitor
  • Dry weight of instrument (not including UPS; no core consumables): 1171 lb
  • Dry weight of instrument (including UPS; no core consumables): 1253 lb
  • Wet weight of instrument (not including UPS; loaded with core consumables): 1296 lb
  • Crated weight of instrument: 1591 lb (722 kg)
  • Accessories pallet weight: 525 lb (238 kg)

Other information

With its NovaSeq X Series, Illumina redesigned every dimension of its world-class sequencers to further increase speed, scale, accuracy, and sustainability. Highlights include:


  1. Launch of a fundamentally new sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry, formerly known as Chemistry X – now known as XLEAP-SBS™ – engineered for 2x higher speed and up to 3x greater accuracy
  2. Development of our highest-resolution optics and ultra-high density flow cells, delivering 2.5x greater throughput while driving down sequencing costs
  3. Integration of on-board DRAGEN™ Bio-IT with ORA compression, enabling highly accurate and fully automated secondary analysis with 5x lossless data compression
  4. Creation of 15 new thermostable reagents, supporting ambient-temperature shipping, eliminating the need for dry ice and reducing waste

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Basic Yellow 40

Product Information

Model: Basic Yellow

Manufacturer: Lynn Peavey

Origin: United States