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GeneProof-Mycobacterium tuberculosis PCR Kit

GeneProof PCR Kit is compatible with a wide range of real-time PCR devices to detect the DNA of M.Tuberculosis bacteria present in in specimens.

CE-IVD Quality Certificate for Medical Diagnostic in vitro


Hepatitis B virus test kit – HBV

HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) is a dangerous virus that causes the disease of hepatitis B in humans. HBV is the second leading cause of cancer after smoking and is responsible for 60-80% of primary liver cancer cases and 50% of cases of cirrhosis. It is estimated that over 2 billion people worldwide have been or are currently infected with HBV, with approximately 400 million people being HBV carriers, of which 75% are from Asia. Every year, nearly 1 million people die from HBV-related illnesses such as cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Currently, HBV-DNA quantification is one of the important tests for evaluating the effectiveness of hepatitis B treatment and supporting physicians in deciding on treatment protocols.


Hepatitis C virus test kit – HCV

GeneProof Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) PCR Kit uses PCR technology to detect HCV virus DNA present in patient samples.

CE-IVD Quality Certificate for Medical Diagnostic Use in vitro