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Suitcase is designed specifically for the collection traces ridge




Suitcase is designed specifically for the collection traces the ridge. Be streamlined in 2 extended toolbox, which includes all the tools necessary to complete the collection traces the ridge at the scene.


This kit was designed with the latent print expert or crime scene technician in mind. Well organized in a 2 drawer expandable case, it has everything you need to get the job done.

Content of kit:

1 – 16 oz. Black Powder

1 – White Feather Brush

100 – 3” x 5” Printed Black Backing Cards

1 – 2 oz. Gray Powder

1 – Green Feather Brush

1 – 6” White Vinyl Ruler

1 – 6” Gray Vinyl Ruler

1 – 6” Black Vinyl Ruler

1 – 6” Fluorescent Vinyl Ruler

1 – 2 oz. Dual Powder

1 – Red Feather Brush

1 – 2 oz. White Powder

1 – Orange Feather Brush

1 – 2 oz. Red Fluorescent Powder

1 – Black Feather Brush

1 – 2 oz. Green Fluorescent Powder

5 – 6” Camel Brushes w/Tube

2 – Pair 5” Stainless Steel Scissors

1 – 2 oz. Orange Fluorescent Powder

3 – Magnetic Applicators

2 – Utility Knife

1 – 2 oz. Black Magnetic Powder

2 – 2” Clear Lifting Tape in a jar

1 – 3/5x Magnifier

1 – 1 oz. Gray Magnetic Powder

2 – 2” Polyethylene Lifting Tape

1 – UV100 UV Light

1 – 1 oz. Dual Magnetic Powder

1 – 4” Clear Lifting Tape

1 – Orange Forensic Goggles

1 – 1 oz. Red Magnetic Fluorescent Powder

1 – 2” Steel Tape Dispenser

1 – 2 Cell AA MINI-MAG Flashlight

1 – 1 oz. Green Magnetic Fluorescent Powder

1 – 4” Steel Tape Dispenser

2 – AA Batteries

1 – 1 oz. Orange Magnetic Fluorescent Powder

100 – 3” x 5” Printed White Backing Cards

1 – Ball Point Pen

3 – 7” Fiberglass Brushes

100 – 5½” x 8½” Printed White Backing Cards

1 – 2-Drawer Expandable Case

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Product information

Manufacturer: Lynn Peavey

Origin: USA

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