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Label or Dye 6-FAM, LIZ, NED, SID, TAZ, VIC Product Line GlobalFiler™ Product Type PCR Amplification Kit Shipping Condition Dry Ice Target Loci Amelogenin, CSF1PO, D10S1248, D12S391, D13S317, D16S539, D18S51, D19S433, D1S1656, D21S11, D22S1045, D2S1338, D2S441, D3S1358, D5S818, D7S820, D8S1179, DYS391, FGA, IQC-Large, IQC-Small, SE33, TH01, TPOX, Y indel, vWA


Features of the GlobalFiler IQC PCR Amplification Kit include:
• Internal quality control (IQC) system enables detection of and discrimination between amplification inhibition and DNA sample degradation and an in-sample positive amplification control, providing actionable information
• Efficient protocols minimize amplification time compared to previous-generation kits
• An optimized buffer system and expanded DNA input volume delivers maximum sensitivity for trace/low level DNA samples
• Enhanced intracolor balance simplifies interpretation of mixture samples
• The inclusion of 10 mini-STRs maximizes results from degraded samples (<220 bp)
• Contains all markers recommended for inclusion by the CODIS Core Loci Working Group, including all markers commonly used in Europe, for maximum global database compatibility
• Improved data interpretation with reduced pull-up edits and off-scale data recovery when combined with 3500 Data Collection Software v4.0 and GeneMapper ID-X Software 1.6
• Manufactured to IS0 18385 standards


Label or Dye 6-FAM, LIZ, NED, SID, TAZ, VIC
Product Line GlobalFiler™
Product Type PCR Amplification Kit
Shipping Condition Dry Ice
Target Loci Amelogenin, CSF1PO, D10S1248, D12S391, D13S317, D16S539, D18S51, D19S433, D1S1656, D21S11, D22S1045, D2S1338, D2S441, D3S1358, D5S818, D7S820, D8S1179, DYS391, FGA, IQC-Large, IQC-Small, SE33, TH01, TPOX, Y indel, vWA

Other information

The GlobalFiler IQC kit is a robust and reliable single-amplification STR multiplex kit optimized for use with the most challenging casework samples. The kit leverages six dyes for the incorporation of additional markers, generating a highly discriminating kit for use by the forensic community. The kit contains all of the markers included in the major global databases, including 10 mini-STRs, to help deliver optimized results with even highly degraded samples.

Developed specifically for casework applications, the GlobalFiler kit contains a buffer system that delivers greater sensitivity for enhanced performance with inhibited and low-concentration DNA samples. The addition of the IQC provides more insight into sample quality to assist in distinguishing between inhibition and degradation while also providing a positive control for amplification. The GlobalFiler IQC kit utilizes the latest advances in oligo synthesis and purification, which provide a clean baseline and a balanced profile, resulting in simplified data analysis. Maintenance of the NGM Select and Identifiler primer sequences helps ensure maximum concordance with previously typed samples. In addition, the GlobalFiler IQC kit contains multiple gender markers to enable accurate typing of male samples, even highly degraded or Y-negative samples, while increased genotyping accuracy is obtained with the expansion of the allelic ladder allele ranges to include all rare alleles as described in the literature (STRbase).

Experience matters
Thermo Fisher Scientific designs and validates its reagents, instruments, and data analysis software together as an integrated system for DNA testing. Technical service scientists and field application specialists are available to answer your technical questions, review data, and make recommendations on how to perform assays and troubleshoot results. All of these resources help ensure success when using Applied Biosystems human identification solutions in your laboratory.

For licensing and limited use restrictions visit thermofisher.com/HIDlicensing.

Contents & Storage

Store at -15° to -25°C upon receipt, and 2° to 8°C after initial use for up to 6 months.

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• It utilizes the Quantifiler™ kits to determine the quantity of amplifiable DNA and the potential presence of PCR inhibitors to obtain an accurate prediction of the amount of DNA input required for optimal STR amplification.
• It utilizes the Quantifiler ™ kits to quantify trace samples; real-time PCR has the widest dynamic range of any DNA detection technology.
• It provides Quantfiler™ kit results in less than 2 hours.

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Match data output, time to results, and price per sample to study needs
– Flexible performance
Configure sequencing method, flow cell type, and read length to support a broad range of applications
– Streamlined operation
Increase lab efficiency with a simplified workflow and reduced hands-on time