Hereditary cancer screening

Hereditary cancer is defined as a high degree of cancer risk in family members. This risk comes from inherited mutations that occur in specific genes.

The statistics show:

  • 10% of cancers are caused by genetic factors (5)
  • 20% of cancer patients have a family history of cancer (5)
  • Detecting breast cancer at an early stage increases the 5-year survival rate after treatment to 99% compared to 27% in the late stage (6)

Biomedic's solution

Biomedic provides the next generation sequencing technology solution NGS with the superior platform from Illumina – a leading company of gene sequencing with the following advantages:
– Accurate result quality, nucleotide sensitivity
– Detecting rare types of cancer, under the cancer group
– High-speed, time-saving genome sequencing
– Cost savings
– Compatible with microscopic, low-quality input samples


Next-Generation Sequencing System – NextSeq 2000

 The NextSeq 2000 Sequencing System uses patterned flow cells similar to those that power the NovaSeq™ 6000 System. The result is a highly flexible and scalable benchtop system that offers the highest cluster density flow cell of any on-market NGS system to date, driving down the cost per gigabase (Gb) of the sequencing run.

Next Generation Sequencing System – iSeq 100

Model: iSeq 100
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
Illumina’s smallest next-generation DNA sequencing system, with small, fast and efficient sequencing throughput, suitable for all labs
– Fast data generation: Suitable for small projects, on a dedicated device, low throughput with fast turnaround times
– Convenient operation: Control the sequencing process from start to finish and ensure independent sequencing instead of outsourcing.

TruSight Cancer Sequencing Panel

Developed with cancer genomics experts in collaboration, oligos ready-to-use, pre-engineered oligos allow researchers to sequence a wide range of genes and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in advance. this is related to cancer predisposition

Next Generation Sequencing System – NextSeq 550

Model: Nextseq 550
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
– Is the only sequencing system capable of deploying applications running sequencing and reading microarray biochips
– New generation DNA sequencing system using synthetic sequencing technology: Sequencing by Synthesis – SBS
– The whole process of gene sequencing is conducted on the surface of flow cells, convenient to use and easy to manipulate.

Next Generation Sequencing System – MiniSeq

Model: MiniSeq
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
– New generation DNA sequencing system using synthetic sequencing technology: Sequencing by Synthesis – SBS
– Next Generation Sequencing, allowing to run the entire DNA and RNA amplification process combined with sequencing analysis on a single system
– Maximum reading capacity: 7.5 Gb (equivalent to 7.5 billion bases) within 24 hours
– Data Quality (Quality Score) > Q30 (accuracy 99.9%)