Biomedic’s hepatitis virus testing solution

Hepatitis is a condition that damages the liver parenchyma, resulting in impaired liver function. There are many causes of hepatitis, of which half are caused by viruses. Viral hepatitis needs to be diagnosed and treated early to prevent the disease from progressing to liver failure, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma.

The viruses that cause hepatitis include: hepatitis A virus (HAV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis D virus (HDV), hepatitis E virus (HEV), hepatitis virus hepatitis G (HGV). In which mainly HAV, HBV, HCV cause hepatitis A, B, C.

Hepatitis A virus: Hepatitis A virus was discovered in 1973, transmitted through food. Patients infected with HAV usually have a benign progression, complete recovery, without the status of a healthy person carrying the bacteria. disease has been vaccinated.

Hepatitis B virus: The incidence of hepatitis B is high. HBV is the only virus whose core acid is DNA. There is a vaccine to prevent hepatitis caused by the hepatitis B virus

Hepatitis C virus: Discovered since 1989. The virus has genetic diversity due to many genotypes, so the body’s immune response to the disease is poor. After recovering, the body is still at risk of being re-infected. There is still no vaccine to prevent the disease.

Biomedic's solution

  • GeneProof Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) PCR Kit uses PCR technology to detect HBV DNA present in patient samples.
  • The kit is CE-IVD certified for medical diagnostic use.


Hepatitis B virus test kit – HBV

HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) is a dangerous virus that causes the disease of hepatitis B in humans. HBV is the second leading cause of cancer after smoking and is responsible for 60-80% of primary liver cancer cases and 50% of cases of cirrhosis. It is estimated that over 2 billion people worldwide have been or are currently infected with HBV, with approximately 400 million people being HBV carriers, of which 75% are from Asia. Every year, nearly 1 million people die from HBV-related illnesses such as cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Currently, HBV-DNA quantification is one of the important tests for evaluating the effectiveness of hepatitis B treatment and supporting physicians in deciding on treatment protocols.

Hepatitis C virus test kit – HCV

GeneProof Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) PCR Kit uses PCR technology to detect HCV virus DNA present in patient samples.

CE-IVD Quality Certificate for Medical Diagnostic Use in vitro