Vietnam Medical Genetics Association was officially established

On July 4, 2019, the First Congress of the Vietnam Medical Genetics Association, term 2019 – 2024 took place successfully with 25 members in the Executive Committee. The Vietnam Association of Genetic Medicine was officially established under Decision No. 289 / QD-BNV dated April 28, 2019 of the Ministry of Home Affairs, working as a professional association in Vietnam to connect geneticists and doctors and further develop the national Medical Genetics.

Right in the first term, the Association will prepare and regularly organize seminar programs to update knowledge for doctors. In particular, Prof. Truong Dinh Kiet wished that the Association would work actively to develop national accurate Medicine and keep up with developed countries.

Prof. Truong Dinh Kiet expressed his expectation at the Congress

The representative of the Ministry of Home Affairs granted the establishment decision to the Association’s Campaign Committee, and was also the Chairman of the First-term Presidium

Members of the Executive Committee of the first term

As a special sponsor of the Congress, on behalf of Biomedic, CEO. Le Manh Hung addressed at the program and send his congratulations to the Congress. In the current genetics field, Biomedic is providing solutions for cancer screening and early diagnosis, embryonic screening (PGS), non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPT) and gene decoding – health and beauty care with Micro array technology on the Asian Screening Array kit.

CEO. Le Manh Hung addressed at the program

At the Biomedic display booth, participants learned about the new generation Genome Sequencing Technology (NGS) of illumina and the technology of Flow Cytometry, Intelligent Centrifugal Systems, and Automation Systems of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. In addition, customers also experienced NGS technology directly with iSeq 100 system and NextSeq 550 system.