Biomedic organized a heartwarming Mid-Autumn Festival event at Ho Chi Minh City’s Oncology Hospital

On September 22nd, Biomedic took part in organizing a heartwarming Mid-Autumn Festival event for the children at Ho Chi Minh City’s Oncology Hospital. This initiative marked one of the highlights in a series of events celebrating Biomedic’s 15th anniversary.

The program was designed to create an unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival experience for the young patients, where they had the chance to meet beloved characters like Mr. Cuoi and Ms. Hang, and even paint figurines alongside their cherished ones. Beyond that, it provided a platform for these children to articulate their dreams and aspirations, while also offering a delightful space for them to revel in the festivities with peers and parents during this special reunion.

In addition to this, Biomedic generously supported the hospital’s “Moi an sang” program, contributing a valuable donation of 9,000,000 VND. This contribution empowered the patients with renewed vigor and fortitude in their battle against illness. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the dedicated Biomedic team in Saigon for orchestrating this profoundly impactful initiative.