Run with Phacogen Group

Following a month of dedicated participation in the “Run with Phacogen Group” challenge, our departments and team members wholeheartedly engaged in walking and running, undeterred by any weather conditions. Departments rallied together, pushing boundaries to meet and exceed their set objectives.

Under the banner of “Fostering physical wellness for unwavering determination,” it is anticipated that this competition has bestowed upon everyone the vitality and well-being needed to shine in their professional endeavors. The organizers also extend their commendations to the exceptional individuals and departments who excelled in this running challenge:

  • Steadfast Champions: R&D Department, accumulating an impressive 938 kilometers
  • Walking Warrior: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy (Supply) covering an astounding 217.2 kilometers
  • Swift Achiever of 15km: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong (Technical) accomplishing this feat in just 2 days

Heartfelt congratulations to all! It is our fervent hope that, in the future, should more running competitions arise, the members of Biomedic will continue to participate with the same vigor and passion ❤️.