Sharing love and sympathy in the spring

Unlike previous years, Biomedic staff in Ho Chi Minh office held a spring trip in their own way: doing charity by giving gifts and rice for orphans at Phap Vo pagoda (Village 3, Phu Xuan Communce, Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh city). This is an almost 100 year-old ancient pagoda which was honoured “Vietnam sacred ancient pagoda”

It’s hard to be an orphan

When Tet comes, everyone wants to be reunited with their families and relatives, meanwhile, many children was born without knowing their parents or their hometowns. For them, pagoda is their homes, monks are their parents raising them day by day and their teachers teaching them how to read and write. Phap Vo pagoda is one of the pagodas which are nurturing almost 100 orphans. Each child has their own stories but they are all raised in loving care and buddha’s commandments.





The packs of rice and gift were sent to kitchens and given to children

Kitchen area

Studying and playing space of children in the pagoda



Playing games and interacting with children

Serene scenery in the pagoda


Thurifying and wishing for peace


Xuân trao yêu thương – đậm ý nghĩa tình

Although the gifts were not so many, we hope we can spread love and connect other philanthropists to make a beautiful and meaninngful spring!