Scientific activity: “Sperm Screening in Assisted Reproduction”

In May 2023, Biomedic collaborated with several hospitals to organize scientific activities with the theme “Sperm Screening Solutions in Assisted Reproduction”.

During these activities, the content was delivered by Biomedic’s product specialists and revolved around professional information regarding the importance of determining sperm DNA fragmentation index and sperm screening in assisted reproduction, as well as the most advanced sperm selection solutions available today.

The first successful scientific activities took place at the Central Maternity Hospital and Hanoi Obstetrics Hospital, attracting a large number of participating doctors. Biomedic introduced the latest solutions in sperm screening to the doctors, with notable advancements such as the Flow Cytometry technology for determining sperm DNA fragmentation index, considered the gold standard in assessing sperm DNA fragmentation, and the sperm selection method using the Zymot chip.

Sinh hoạt khoa học tại Bệnh viện Phụ sản Hà Nội

From the perspective of hospitals and doctors, there have been positive exchanges with Biomedic’s experts, and they highly appreciate the solutions introduced by Biomedic. According to the doctors from the Central Maternity Hospital and Hanoi Obstetrics Hospital, Biomedic’s solutions have many advantages, such as the application of modern technology to optimize testing performance and enhance the effectiveness of the reproductive support process. They have a high level of applicability in improving reproductive outcomes.