Scientific Activity: Exploring Sperm Fragmentation and Zymot Sperm Selection Chip at the Embryology Institute.

On the afternoon of June 8th, Biomedic Joint Stock Company collaborated with the Embryology Institute to organize a scientific activity program with the theme “Exploring Sperm Fragmentation and Zymot Sperm Selection Chip.”

The content of the activity revolved around three main topics:

  1. Understanding sperm fragmentation.
  2. Determining the sperm fragmentation index using Flow Cytometry technology.
  3. Sperm selection using the Zymot chip.

These topics were presented by product experts from Biomedic. Prior to the event, technicians demonstrated the Zymot chip directly at the Reproductive Institute to provide the most visual results. The medical staff at the Reproductive Hospital highly appreciated the sperm selection solutions introduced by Biomedic. According to the doctors, these are new methods with many advantages compared to traditional approaches, such as reducing manual procedures, saving time, and producing good results. Therefore, these new solutions have great potential for hospitals and reproductive support centers.