Paint colors for sand on Phu Quoc Island

To celebrate 10th remarkable birthday, Biomedic had a trip to Phu Quoc beautiful island, Kien Giang province. This is the time for Biomedic members to let work and tasks go away, live with nature as well as team building activities to connect each other and be proud of 10 year journey passing. 

“Fucking tired” but strong bonding

This is the feeling after finishing Team building activities in the morning of September 29th at the Eden resort. More than 60 members were divided into 4 teams and went through physical and mental challenges to connect each other. The first interesting thing was revealed after 4 teams had their own names, slogan and flags.

Bikini team in red uniform made “team kì”

Team “Hỏi Chấm” is completing question mark on their flag.

Team Ba Phat went with cutting and sticking

Team “Choi Chang” in yellow – the symbol colour of the team name “Blaze”

Before getting into the competition, all teams had the effervescent warm up with dance created
by themselve:




The first game “Rescue team mates” required that all teams have to save 4 team members and take them to the goal by passing cross-bars without touching the ground. In this game, the advantages went to the teams with more stronger men because men have to save women in their team.


It’s not easy as it looks like


The second game sounds easier in term of physical health, however it requires the agileness as well as skills of team members when “taking the balls to the goal”. Each team is divided into 2 groups to carry and pass the ball in 3 turns. The important things is only necks and heads are allowed to carry the balls.

In this game, team “Ba Phát” is in the first position and becomes the best team.




In the the third game, the position of each team changes when there are some members falling down to the ground. Carrying one member by the whole team is not difficult but the running speed of each member should remain the same. Because when one member falls down, the whole team will fall let alone the severe weather makes team members tired.



In the last game, 4 teams are grouped into 2 teams. “Nang Choi” and “Bikini” stay in one team, “Ba Phat” and “Hoi Cham” stay in one team. They will push the big ball to help their teammates passing the river successfully. The person on the ball must move along with the movement of the ball safely and rhythmically.

Any beat missing make the person on the ball fall down

“Nang Choi” and “Bikini” work on well together so they are the quickest team in the game.

Finally, “Nang Choi” is in the first position, “Bikini is in the second position, “Hoi Cham” and “Ba Phat” are in the third position. After 4 energy-consuming games, each team get their own pieces. Now is the moment to put all pieces together to make the picture of 10 year-old Biomedic.

In order to have a proud Biomedic like today, every member in Biomedic need to cooperate and strive their best. This moment is for gathering to look back what have passed and head to the next challenges.

What a cozy Gala!

With the purpose of making creating cozy and cheerful atmosphere in the Gala dinner for staff in the company, the organizers secretly prepare a script for the Gala.

At 5 p.m., when the dusk came and all the lights in the resort hadn’t been turned on, Biomedic members started to gathering at Eden resort. At this time, all set-up work was finished, organizing members were completing the last tasks.

Every member were surprised and excited about check-in place of the restaurant. Logo 10 year-Biomedic was design as booths and everyone was invited to stand and take photos before the Gala started. Besides, everyone put their own fingerprint together to make a colorful fingerprint tree.














The Gala started by a lively performance which is “Our youth”, made by present and former Executive committees of Trade Union. With their youth, Executive committee of Trade Union is the symbol of enthusiasm, activeness and creativity which are Biomedic culture. After this beginning performance. CEO Cao Tien Dung cam up to address the opening of the Gala and shared about 10 year-journey and the starting vision and the future expectation of Biomedic.


5 staff were awarded “5 year dedication” from left to right: Mr. Trần Quang Huân, Mr. Trịnh Hồng Quang, Ms. Phạm Thị Hồng Thắm, Ms. Nguyễn Thị Mai Anh và Mr.Nguyễn Hoàng Trung.

4 staff were awarded “10 year dedication”: Ms. Trịnh Thị Thu Hòa, Ms. Đỗ Thu Huyền, Mr. Cao Tiến Dũng và Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Phương.

Members of Executive Board cheer together ….

…and blow candle to cheer for the birthday

2017-2018 is the time Biomedic restructure, widen working scale and the number of staff, therefore, many staff in the South and the North haven’t had chance to meet and understand each other. Organizers spent time after beginning party for departments in the company introducing about members in their team in terms of their positions and jobs.

By those chances, every member can get into company’s culture and bond with other members.

Sales division is the first

Project Division

Technical support Team with 5 men

The youngest team – Marketing

Accounting Department with 7 beautiful ladies

Administration and Human resources Department without Uncle Tao^^

Contract and Logistics Division with Contract Department and Logistics Department

Superb spirit of Ho Chi Minh office

Instead of traditional performance in the previous events, 10 year-birthday had the presence of “King&Queen”. It is really hard to choose 3 most beautiful and handsome ladies and gentlemen in the prom full of gorgeous and charming faces. At last, 3 best couple were selected:

3 couples from left to right: Trọng Nghĩa – Như Ý, Trí Trung – Hoàng Yến và Quốc Huân – Thu Hiền

Going through challenges of catwalk, understanding, talents and communication, Quoc Huan and Nhu Y won the interest from the crowd with the biggest amount of votes and became King & Queen of Biomedic.

King & Queen stood for beauty and intelligence of Biomedic-ers in many events later.


In the contest of “Creating slogan” before this event, HR Department got 5 million prize with the slogan “10 year creation – stable success”

Mr. Dung awarded “Team building” prize for 4 teams with: the First place: “Nang Choi”, The runner up: “Bikini”, The third prizes – Ba Phat and Hoi Cham

Some more pictures at the event: