Finish journey “a warm winter for a rural village” 2018

After 2 year making volunteer trips in a row, the project “A warm winter for a rural village”, which supports children and kindergartens in rural areas, increasingly attracts and spreads the spirit to many philanthropists who are in and out of Biomedic company. In 2018, the third journey was completed successfully with the project at Binh Minh kindergarten, Hang Chu commune, Bac Yen district, Son La province. Let look back at the journey of 2018 and spread more to continue upcoming events.

Packing in the paradise

It’s just a joke of volunteers because this year, the gathering and packing place is Biomedic warehouse, 4 th Floor, Gemek tower building, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi (near Bao Son Paradise park). The gifts, including large size foam mats, blankets, jackets, beanies for kids, lunch boxes, coloring books, crayons and a lot of warm clothes and socks which are carefully washed and classified, were given to kids and their families.

Warm clothes, blankets and lunch boxes were classified and packed following the list and brought to each kindergarten

800 foam mats will be used in the beginning of this winter

This is the result after 1 day classifying

Each pack includes warm clothes, a beanie, a lunch box, coloring books and crayons. All is 100% new

Besides, Biomedic sponsored constructing playground for kids at main school and received the support from parents, schools and authority in the working process.

“at 3 a.m, in a cozy room”

Because the plan for transporting gifts started at 3 a.m., volunteer team had to gather on the fourth floor, Gemek tower, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi at 10 p.m. on the previous day. After a short nap, all members got up at 3 a.m., 22 nd of December, packed gifts into the truck and departed to Bac Yen, Son La, where was covered by beautiful clouds all the time. Binh Minh kindergartens including 9 places which were located in many villages, which helped kids go to school easier. Because of the road quality and travel time, volunteer team planned to organize the event at 3 locations (Bình Minh, Pa Cư Sáng và Phềnh Hồ kindergarten) in the afternoon of 22 nd December. For other locations, volunteer team gave gifts following the list of students in the next morning, 23 rd December. The unique factor of this event was the attendance of a grade 5-student, Thanh Xuan Trung primary, Duc Thinh. This was his first volunteer journey sharing love with disadvantaged children in rural areas.

Finally, after 10 hours travelling, volunteer team reached the main location of Binh Minh kindergartens. At that time, all parents and students of 3 kindergartens, Binh Minh, Pa Cu Sang and Phenh Ho gathered to wait for the volunteer team. The work of taking out gifts, hanging backdrop and preparing was conducted quickly. At 15:00, the event was officially started.

Warm the hearts of students at Binh Minh kindergarten

6 a.m. on 23 rd December, at dawn, volunteer team are busy dividing into groups, checking motorbikes and preparing to hit the road. Although the way to Binh Minh kindergarten is not easy with narrow roads, potholes, rocks and landslide, we still keep the determination to overcome difficulties. Unfortunately, one bike’s tyre was broken at a quarter of the way and that bike had to get to the farthest destination, Suoi Lenh B. At that time, we came to any houses we saw to ask for help. The plan was changed a little bit, however, we still reached every destination as planned.

The gifts was given to every child. Unluckily, we got trouble on the way back when that bike had flat tyre one more time and another bike’ spokes were broken. We didn’t stop worrying until all members got back safely.

The journey with a lot of memorable things make us feel lucky and happy when we have company. We hope to join one more time together and accompany many other new members.