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Amped Software develops solutions for the forensic analysis and enhancement of images and videos to assist an entire organization with all investigations, starting from the field, up to the forensic lab, and then to the courtroom. The company focuses on developing the most advanced and complete, yet simple and easy-to-use technologies for all image and video processing needs related to forensics, public safety and national security. With an emphasis on the transparency of the methodologies used, Amped solutions empower customers with the three main principles of the scientific method: accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.

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Image Tampering Detection and Source Camera Identification


Amped Authenticate is a software application for forensic image authentication, tampering detection, and camera ballistics on digital images. This product is the only image authentication software on the market that offers a complete suite of powerful tools to exploit the data behind digital images, allowing for the analysis of image integrity, authenticity, metadata, source and history, and detection of tampering prior to its use as intelligence and evidence. With a single product, several tests can be performed to determine if an image has been manipulated as well as verify if a photo was taken from a specific device.

Batch Convert Unplayable Videos


Amped DVRConv is the easiest way to automatically batch convert unplayable video files. Videos from proprietary CCTV/DVR systems, dashcams, body worn cameras, and any other video source can now be converted without effort. With Amped DVRConv, you just drag, drop, and you’re done. This is an ideal tool for technicians tasked with converting a great number of surveillance videos in various proprietary formats, speeding up the triage in cases such as major investigations.

CCTV Converter and Player for Investigators


Amped Replay is an enhanced video player that allows investigators, frontline officers, first responders, security personnel and CCTV operators to conduct a quick first-level analysis of their videos, with easy conversion, quick corrections, redaction, and annotation functions, as well as a report, ideal for case building and disclosure. It includes Amped Software’s powerful DVR video conversion engine to view video without the need for other non-compatible, legacy, or proprietary player software. Its easy-to-use interface means no advanced skills are required to achieve professional results in the presentation of evidence, whether used as part of a case, forwarded to another unit or intelligence analysts, or sent to the media for identification. With Amped Replay, organizations are reassured that video is processed correctly at all levels, using validated forensic tools.

Foto light box composite trace imaging system

Product Information

Model: Foto Light Box

Manufacturer: Projectina

Origin: Switzerland

Forensic Image and Video Analysis


Amped FIVE is the most complete image and video forensics software, acclaimed for its reliability and workflow efficiency. It is specifically designed for forensics, public safety and national security as an all-in-one solution, with more than 130 filters and tools, to convert, process, enhance, analyze, present and document images and videos. 

It supports any type of image and video data retrieved from various multimedia sources (including audio streams) from CCTV and DVR systems, body worn cameras, dash cameras, drones, mobile phones, fingerprints, documents and much more. Support for hundreds of proprietary video file formats is continuously updated according to end user requests.