Biomedic Staff joined periodic health check

On May 7 and 11, Biomedic has implemented the 2019 health examination program for more than 60 employees in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This is one of the annual activities of the Company, showing the concern and care for health benefits for employees, aiming to build a strong and dynamic staff.

Periodic health checks is for checking the health status of employees, promptly detect risks of disease and have early access to treatment if necessary. In addition, during the medical examination, the staff will receive health consultation from doctors to adjust the working regime, nutrition and habits. Therefore, employees can feel secure to work and stick more with the company.

CBNV Biomedic tham gia khám sức khỏe định kì 2019


After checking-in information, staff will be measured first in height, weight and blood pressure

In the content of health examination this year, employees were given a general health examination, including: clinical examination (ear-nose-throat, teeth-jaw, dermatology …), biochemical tests and analysis of blood cells, urine, imaging diagnosis (ultrasound, X-ray), gynecological examination for female employees … In addition, employees who have the need to perform additional tests that can inform the hospital to conduct immediately during the examination.

CBNV Biomedic tham gia khám sức khỏe định kì 2019

Supporter team at the hospital helps staff join tests quickly

Blood collection for biochemical testing and blood cell analysis

CBNV Biomedic tham gia khám sức khỏe định kì 2019


Clinic and vision test

Medical clinic area

During the examination, doctors gave health consultation for each employee

Lounge outside ultrasound room

Gynecological examination for female staff

“Funny” relaxing time