Cancer and early diagnosis

Every year there are more than 14,000,000 new cases of cancer worldwide (1). In Vietnam, there are over 160,000 new cases, 70% of cases are detected and treated late (2).

The 5-year survival after treatment in the early stage is many times more effective than in the late stage:

  • Liver cancer: 33% vs 2%
  • Lung cancer: 27% vs 3%
  • Stomach cancer: 69% vs 5%
  • Rectal cancer: 89% vs 15%
  • Breast cancer: 99% vs 27% (3)

Biomedic's solution

Biomedic provides a solution for early cancer detection through blood free cancer DNA fragments (ctDNA) based on Illumina’s superior platform with the following features:

  • High sensitivity, detects ctDNA at extremely low concentrations (30 ng).
  • Comprehensive assessment with the largest number of cancer genes – 523 genes associated with 9 common cancers.
  • Liquid biopsies with peripheral blood samples, limit invasiveness, comprehensively assess the heterogeneity of cancer types, improve patient safety and reduce costs.
  • Next-generation sequencing technology NGS shortens time with high accuracy.


Next Generation Sequencing System – NovaSeq 6000

Model: NovaSeq 6000
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
– Scalable platform
Match data output, time to results, and price per sample to study needs
– Flexible performance
Configure sequencing method, flow cell type, and read length to support a broad range of applications
– Streamlined operation
Increase lab efficiency with a simplified workflow and reduced hands-on time